There is no optus coverage in the region and so if you are wanting to use your phone you will need a TELSTRA SIM CARD and it is best to organise this before you start the journey. If coming by car it is recommended you have a car charger to connect to the cigarette lighter fitting (if you have one – there is no electricity access available at the festival sites).

Bring a DRINK BOTTLE as we will have a rainwater supply available for everyone to refill their bottles each day.

Bring a SPOON and BOWL and a CUP to use for the free community evening meals and breakfasts. The route includes good lunch stop-off points each day for the longer travel days such as Cobar and Broken Hill. (Use the Broken Hill route to Menindee if you dont have a 4WD vehicle).

Bring your SWIMMERS as a dip in the Bourke township swimming pool, which may be the best way to freshen up along the way. There are showers at our group campsites in Brewarrina and Wilcannia.

Bring a battery operated TORCH as this will be helpful with finding your way between the corroboree site and your tent in the camping site or to the bus or your car for other accommodation.

Bring your own small TENT and BEDDING – mattress and sleeping bag.

Wear COVERED IN SHOES for walking on rough ground and for any unexpected meetings with snakes, and a SUN HAT.

Ensure your CHILDREN are supervised at all times. Take responsibility for any CHILDREN you see around you by continually looking out for any risks, and by notifying them and their parents immediately if you see any.

Use the central point BENDIGO BANK TENT EMBASSY for FIRST AID, and PROGRAMMING, VOLUNTEERING and MEAL INFORMATION. Do not enter the performers’ marquee.