PROGRAMMING will BEGIN AT TWO PM each day, structured in ways that the local Aboriginal organisations and representatives have shaped. All festival-goers will follow protocols and participate in the processes that local Elders have devised. These formalities will be provided as a flyer for you to read as you enter the festival area, as well as being mentioned as reminders by speakers. At the Bendigo Bank Tent Embassy you can find out about programming and logistics, the coordination of FIRST AID (University of Sydney Dept of Rural Health / Bourke Aboriginal Health / Maari Ma Health) and how you can contribute to the festival as a VOLUNTEER.

Aunty Virginia Robinson, the cultural and intellectual leader of the Dhariwaa Elders Group and the Elders Learning Circle, will provide the traditional welcome in Walgett where she will tell the Yuri Yuri Creation Story about the Barwon and Namoi Rivers. In Brewarrina Aunty Grace Gordon will give the traditional welcome followed by Aunty June Smith in Bourke and Aunty Cheryl Blore at Menindee Lakes.

In Walgett, Brewarrina and Bourke, the Mothers Milk Bank will involve their musicians as part of their Ruby Hunter project working with community through song to carry on Ruby’s legacy to support First Nation mothers with diabetes, and to create a network of breast milk donors for mothers unable to breastfeed because of diabetes or other illness. In Wilcannia and Menindee the duo JOCEAN from Shell Harbour will perform as a dynamic duo of blended high energy percussive acoustic guitar and rhythmic beats of djembe and cajon. Other performers sharing their talents at the festival include Aboriginal performers Eleanor Clapham, Duckie and rapper Dobby.

Throughout the afternoon education about water and water quality will be provided using black and white science. The Murray Lower Darling Rivers Indigenous Nations will lead these programs across each afternoon alongside leading academics.

Eva Cannan will lead small ethical foraging bush trips and any food collected will contribute to evening meals. Eva would appreciate any opportunity to be led by local Elders as part of this so knowledge specific to the area can be learnt by all involved. In Walgett she will be joined with Elder Camellia Bonney whose knowledge of plants includes local species and their uses, as well as experiences of growing up with a family farm at the mission.

The Indigenous Energy Australia stall will provide information about their leading initiatives.

FREE EVENING COMMUNITY EVENING MEALS will be served from FIVE to FIVE THIRTY PM that have resulted from the advice provided by Sharon Winsor, a Ngemba Weilwan woman from Western NSW, and the products from the company Indigiearth that she founded. Please register at the Bendigo Bank Tent Embassy to VOLUNTEER some of your time for preparing or serving one evening meal, or cleaning up afterwards.

The CORROBOREES will begin at dusk, at around SIX PM.

FILM SCREENINGS in the first three townships will begin after a short break when the corroboree has finished. On Wednesday 2 October Putupurri and the Rainmakers will be screened at TEN THIRTY AM in the Wilcannia Old Dance Hall and in the Menindee town hall at ONE PM.

FREE COLD BREAKFASTS will be available from EIGHT to NINE AM each morning at the group campsite. The vehicle convoy will move through the landscape to a new destination each morning.