A free evening meal will be provided in each township with ingredients donated by Foodbank and funds provided by the Foundation for Regional & Rural Renewal. Menu advice has been provided by Sharon Winsor, a Ngemba Weilwan woman from Western NSW, and products from the company Indigiearth that she founded will be used. The talents of locals will be combined in this adventure and will include kangaroo and emu.

The Wilcannia planning committee, led by corroboree dancer and Wilcannia River Radio presenter Brendon Adams, has taken up an amazing creative and coordination role for the festival and this includes a huge planning and delivery effort for the evening meal.

All evening meals will include vegetarian and vegan options.

A free breakfast for everyone each day of the trip is being provided by Yama Guroo and Mundagutta, and an inner-city Sydney schools donation program.

The event will be drug and alcohol free to make it family friendly.

Bring a DRINK BOTTLE and your own fresh water drinking supply.

Bring a SPOON and BOWL and a CUP to use for the free community evening meals and breakfasts. The route includes good lunch stop-off points each day for the longer travel days such as Cobar and Broken Hill. (Use the Broken Hill route to Menindee if you dont have a 4WD vehicle).